Our mission is to deliver traceability of your waste easily
and provide concise reports to create improvements in your business

We create accurate traceability

By working with you closely to develop your own configuration, TraceWaste gives you an accurate insight into the waste your business is creating from day one.

The journey doesn’t end with installation, following training our clients have the ability to add new products, reasons for waste and develop plans to tackle areas that are cause for concern.

TraceWaste at work

The TraceWaste system is not limited to just food manufacturers seeking to increase their bottom line by reducing waste created as part of the production process.

TraceWaste is running in multiple sites monitoring waste created by offices, the focus is on reducing waste to landfill which has an inherent cost and allowing businesses to accurately report on the Corporate Social Responsibility reports.

Our Fantastic Team

Andrew Clarke

Managing Director

The TraceWaste app is the brainchild of our Managing Director, an advocate of recycling and ethical manufacturing.

Lindsay Cosgrove

PR & Marketing

Lindsay oversees the PR and Marketing of the TraceWaste application and the wider MWS Ltd business.

Jakub Bartoszewski

Account Manager

Jakub ensures clients enquiries and installations are managed from start to finish ensuring client satisfaction.

Yehia Roushdy

Lead Developer

Yehia is our lead developer, he looks after client configurations, installations and integrations.

What our clients say

The ability to report empirical waste data accurately on our CSR each year has helped us monitor and create realistic reduction targets for waste going to landfill, this would not have been possible without the TraceWaste system deployed at all of our offices.-
Driving down the amount of waste we create adds to our bottom line which our boardroom love, they have taken a keen interest in the numbers being reported from the TraceWaste system and we are constantly creating new initiatives to deliver improvements,-
Our waste is recycled within the business into new products, having good quality data to see the throughput from the different departments has been invaluable.-