TraceWaste Reports

At the heart of the TraceWaste system are detailed and user configurable reports.

Exportable user generated reports are key to the success of TraceWaste, create any measurable you want, save the report and recall any time you like.

Where other systems on the market rely on Excel to manage your data, the TraceWaste system allows you to filter the data before exporting it for further processing or analysis.

The quick view dashboard will provide you with fast feedback about the performance of your waste management processes without having to drill into the reports. The Dashboard will give you feedback on Waste by Category, Waste by Group, Waste by Product and Waste by Reason. Fast buttons will allow you to see the charts over a 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day and 12 month period by one simple click.

The data grid used by TraceWaste allows you to build up a series of filters and store those filters for fast recalling, every waste transaction created by an operator on the shop floor using the TraceWaste terminal is recorded the SQL database instantaneously, this allows users of TraceWaste to make quick decisions using empirical data.

Using the functionality of the TraceWaste data grid users of the office client can filter against any of the fields of data captured by the TraceWaste data capture terminals. The reports can give you minute detail and feedback against higher level fields of information at the push of a button.

Once a report has been created and stored a document can be created and emailed or added to management reports for further analysis. The beauty of the TraceWaste system is the data is stored for ever allowing you to create comparisons against previous days, months or years.