TraceWaste Terminal Screens

Configurable TraceWaste terminal screens can manage your data capture across a full site or multiple sites

The TraceWaste station can be uniquely configured to capture waste on one terminal for a full site or multiple terminals across a larger site, for example sites with multiple lines or offices may not want to transport waste to a single station, this is where our networked terminals have an advantage.

Each station can be set up to capture Waste by source, this enables larger sites to record waste back to different areas of the business. This function also helps the filtering of products and reasons making the operators role easier.

A number of other data capture filters can be turned on or off in the office client. Different filters can also be assigned to different waste terminal.

Preset TARE weights can be saved into the system to automatically remove weights from the scale values for containers such as waste bins, dolavs or stillages.

The TraceWaste TARES are managed from the office client and updated to the terminals when the program is restarted.

Where the system requires a user entered code, such as Batch Numbers or Lot Numbers the system has a pop up touchscreen keyboard. This enables the operators to enter these alphanumeric values. The description of these can be changed, for example Order Number or Job ID if these are used by your business.

The system also allows a barcode scanner to be used to enter information quickly from job sheets.

The TraceWaste system allows for four levels of waste to be captured into one transaction ID. The system allows you to create categories, groups, products and reasons.

At each stage the operator starts at he category level and drills down through clever filtering to the desired option. In an office environment there may not be a reason required, this function can be turned off.

Recorded transactions can be viewed from the terminal, this is useful in in the event the operator needs to delete transactions that have been recorded by accidentally or with the wrong data.

As part of the setup user account levels can be configured to disavow certain aspects of the TraceWaste shop floor system.

The TraceWaste system can work with a variety of manufacturers weighing terminals, these include Avery Weightronix, Dini Argeo and Systec. Additional weight indicators with RS232, USB or Ethernet outputs can be used when a terminal configuration is ordered with the TraceWaste system.

TraceWaste can be installed with existing weighing equipment such as floor scales and bench scales. As part of the installation a terminal supplied with the software is recommended for cost efficiency.